Wedding words explained


When you’re planning a wedding, some everyday words take on entirely new meanings – you’ll find a charger isn’t something for your phone, and a wedding breakfast doesn’t mean having your eggs and bacon in the morning! Even if you’re a wedding guest regular or have been part of a bridal party before, chances are you haven’t had to pay too much attention to these sorts of details, so we take a look at some of the more unusual wedding terminology you may soon be hearing a lot about.


Of course you know what a buttonhole is… but when it comes to weddings, a buttonhole is the flower worn in the groom’s lapel.


No, it’s nothing to do with your phone… when you’re planning how you want your tables to look, a charger is a decorative base plate for the main plates to sit on top of. You don’t have to have them but it can help to bring the table together – think the perfect shoes to your perfect dress!


This is the music playing in the background as your guests arrive before the ceremony begins – choose anything you like, it can set the tone and theme for the day.


This is the music that starts off the ceremony as the bridal party and lastly the bride makes their way along the aisle for the service to begin. It’s your choice what music plays – anything goes!

Receiving Line

Shortly after the ceremony, you and your immediate families can briefly greet your guests as they enter the room for the wedding meal. Again, this isn’t a necessity, but it can take the pressure off worrying about making sure you’ve chatted to every guest.


This is the music that plays after you’ve said your “I dos” and brings the ceremony to a close. Again, you can choose any music you like.


A registrar is a council official and very important as they’ll be conducting your ceremony! While you need to contact the registrar yourself, we can give you the details. Our lovely registrars who attend Higher Trapp House will help to make sure your wedding service is how you’d like it, for example if you want to include readings or music. You can also arrange to have your service in the local Church – we will give you the contact details when you come for a show-round.

Wedding breakfast

This is the meal you and your guests tuck into after the ceremony – it can be any time of day, though we recommend you’ve all had your usual breakfast first! There’s a reason for the name: it stems from an old tradition where people attending a wedding would fast from the midnight before until after the ceremony… so quite literally their breakfast!

Toastmaster / Master of Ceremonies

Speech! During your meal, the toastmaster is somebody who introduces the speeches and proposes toasts. You can book a professional toastmaster or you could task someone in the bridal party, such as the Best Man. Of course, you could skip introducing speeches altogether, it’s really up to you.

Wedding Favour

This is your way of thanking all your guests for coming along to celebrate your big day. It can act as a great souvenir, too. Take a look at some of our favourite favours here. Of course, every wedding is different and you’ll come across many more words depending on how you’ll be spending your day. We offer a range of wedding packages at Higher Trapp House – have a chat with one of our wedding planners to help plan your perfect day.