Wedding themes, a yes or a no?

It’s time to talk wedding themes, many people when they think of a ‘theme’ think of ball gowns, princesses and carriages, but what if we told you that this is not the case and that themes come in all different shapes and sizes?!

A themed wedding can be anything from the style of décor (ie. rustic, modern etc) to your favourite films or programmes and these can be shown through colour schemes, little editions to your centrepieces or favours or even just the style of décor.

A recent wedding at the Stables Country Club in Bury chose to have a Disney theme incorporated into their special day,  the couple put together these beautiful centrepieces which were made up of log slices, jars and table names, with each table named after a Disney character, which really brought out the personality of the bride and groom.

Perhaps you have a favourite season and want to base a wedding theme around this? We have seen it all from Pumpkin centrepieces to giant Christmas nutcrackers and it really is true when they say that nothing is unachievable.

When you come to the planning stage, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself, donut focus too much on what others are thinking and just do you!