The Perfect Seating Plan

If you are reading this, I am sure you are probably on or around your fifth attempt of putting your seating plan together and are amongst many other couples who find this the hardest part of the planning process.
We hope this will help you where to start… or at least saved your recycling bin being too full after scrunching up all of those pieces of paper!

Despite the title, the truth is there is no ‘perfect seating plan’ and when deciding who sits where it is important to remember that this is your big day and try not to worry too much about everyone else.

Let’s start with the top table, family’s come in all different shapes and sizes, you do not need to follow the traditional top table plan if it doesn’t work for you, we have seen top tables consisting of all the bridal party, a sweetheart table with just the both of you or even having no top table at all, whichever you decide, make sure you are comfortable with this as you will be sat here for around two hours during the meal.

“The seating plan was the hardest part of my wedding”


How many people can I fit on a table?

Once you have your list of guests you can start to plan how many people you will put around each table, our round tables we recommend no more than eight people, to ensure there is enough room and your guests can enjoy their meal. If you find you have more seats than guests, you can have different numbers around each table.

Why not start by putting your guests into categories, list your close family members, your distance family members and your friends, these can all be broken down into work friends, school friends, family friends and can really help when grouping numbers together on where is best for them to be seated.

And Finally…

Now that you have your list and number of tables, you can start to put everything together, help yourself by drawing the table out, and convert your list to this drawing. It may be trial and error at first but I can assure you in the end it will be perfect, and by the time the day comes it will have all been worth it!