Six tips for setting a wedding date


When you’re ready to set the date, things get even more real and your wedding planning can get truly underway. But before you make it official, here’s what to think about when setting that perfect date.

1. Narrow down your dates

Check your calendar! Look ahead and rule out any dates that could clash – key family birthdays, holidays or major UK events that could impact on your day. Chat between yourselves about your favourite time of year or any personal dates you’d like to consider, maybe even aiming for the date you met. It’s also a good idea to check in with main family members if there are any dates that would be difficult for them.

2. Plan alongside your budget

Saving up for your wedding? Once you agree a budget and how you long it will take to save, this will give you a good steer on setting a date. We have wedding packages to suit many different budgets, starting from just £3,000 – view our packages here.

3. Check the venue

It’s a good idea to have a few dates you’re happy with then you can check whether the venue is available on those days. We have a quick and easy way to check dates at Higher Trapp House here. Depending on your ceremony, you’ll also need to check with the Church or registrar that the date works for them too.

4. Time your theme

Weddings are lovely any time of year, but if you’ve always dreamed of having an outdoor ceremony it’s best to plan between spring and early autumn – our Wedding Pagoda is available from April to September, but if you love the idea of a winter wedding then you can plan accordingly for that. Otherwise, exclusive-use venues with both indoor and outdoor highlights like Higher Trapp House are perfect to celebrate your wedding whatever the season.

5. Make it work for you

Of course, it depends on the type of jobs you have, but if you have particularly busy periods or times of stress try to avoid your wedding being slap bang in the middle of it. Check you’ll be able to get the time off easily to keep things hassle-free. And don’t forget your honeymoon. If you plan to go away straight after your wedding, make sure you can both get a few weeks off.

6. Sort your suppliers

You may have certain suppliers in mind – like florists, cake makers and photographers – so check they can be part of your day before you set the date. Or, if you’ve already got a date confirmed, check the availability of any would-be suppliers before setting your heart on them. Planning a wedding at Higher Trapp House takes away a lot of stress. Our wedding planners help you put your perfect day together and there’s a range of packages available. We’ll also give you contact details of trusted suppliers for all those little extras. Call us on 01282 772 781 or request a brochure here.